Online Payday loans from direct lenders is now simple and fast. It involves a quick navigation through the list of lenders working with us and filling out simple forms. Your lender will review your request before he approves your loan. These loans are offered for a long period and lenders work to approve them as fast as possible. They understand that you are in urgent need of cash, hence they also do not ask a lot of you.


How can ACFA help me get a loan?

We will connect you to certified and trusted direct lenders who will not focus on your bad credit history. They want to offer you an Payday loan and assist you in dealing with your financial problem. You will be able to search and find a lender whose package works for you.

How much money can I borrow?

Calculate the amount you need to borrow for your need. Have a specific expenditure plan and determine the exact amount of cash for it. With this in mind, you will not be tempted to request for a loan that is much more than you actually need. It will be difficult to pay a larger amount. ACFA can lend you $100 to $1000 or if you want an installment loan we can get you amounts up to $5000.

Keep in mind that the amount you request for will be subject to interest and fees.

Facts to know about online loans

Online Payday loans are meant to offer you a short-term repayment plan.

The aim of the plan is to help you with your immediate needs and get out of your financial crisis.

When you have a good credit score, you are more likely to be offered a loan by many lenders. You will also be comfortable knowing that you can easily qualify for an online loan and that you are now in control of your finances.

Facts to Know
Facts to Know

Always note that it is not easy to just qualify for any loan. Lenders in our list look for the assurance that you are going to pay them back.

You may qualify for Payday loans for bad credit  but you have to pay back as scheduled. If it is your first time borrowing, that would be the opportunity to create a good credit profile with your first lender. Your first online loan paid back is the most important one in order to take out future loans.

Are payday loans possible with bad credit?

Compared to other loans like those offered by financial institutions. These loans are more accommodating. If you have a bad credit score and you request a loan from a bank, it is likely that your request will not be approved. They do not consider your emergency as a factor in releasing a loan to you.

Very fast request process


Can I get money the same day?

It is possible but not guaranteed. Same day payday loans are only possible if you apply early enough in the day. The lender would get your request and approve it by the afternoon and make the deposit into your account. You should really plan for the next working say to receive funds.

Are you connected to online lenders?

Lenders in our network will offer you different repayment options and you only need to choose a suitable one for yourself.For instance, you can a find a lender who is willing to allow you to pay the full charges and any amount you can raise towards the principal balance.This is when you are not able to pay the balance off. A lender can also charge you smaller fees which in turn mean that your balance will be reducing significantly. With a little effort, you will be able to clear your balance within a short time.

What happens if I cannot pay back my payday loan online?

Direct lenders aim at ensuring that you can pay them back without failure. They need to be covered to against default.  You only need to be aware of the higher interest associated with payday loans as this covers the lenders.

If you have trouble repaying, contact the lender immediately and ask for an extension. Also know as a roll over.  This will then extend the loan into the following month. Please be aware the additional fees and charges may apply.

What to look for in an online payday loan?

With us, you are assured of getting in touch with lenders who will work to your advantage. They will make the process of acquiring a loan very simple. Please look out at the terms and conditions before you sign. Also look at if they allow rollovers and if there are many penalties if you default. Once you have decided you can pay back the loan then proceed with the lender.

How will I get my online loan?

Once you received cash in your bank account, start setting up your payment plan. Know the amount you are required to pay at the end of the month.

Fix that into your monthly deduction budget and remember it will be deducted at payday. Remember that you have signed up for an emergency loan program and therefore you need to be careful not to forfeit other bills.

Can I be punished for taking out a payday loan?

Avoid defaulting any of your payments as it may affect your credit rating. You may already be having a poor credit score and defaulting your current loan may make this worse.

Try to stick to the payment schedule will be giving you a good chance of requesting for a loan with better terms in future.

When can I start with my online payday loan?

In general, we will be linking you to the best direct lenders who offer small  loans bad credit scores. The lenders have simple requirements that you can easily meet. They review your request quickly to ensure that you get cash fast. You will be positively impacting on your credit score when you choose installment loans from the listed lenders.

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