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At ACFA, we offer loans ranging from term loans, merchant cash advance and personal loans for business. We give our esteemed customers high quality service with the integral focus being to exceed customer’s expectations. There are no fees incurred when requesting for the loan. The money will be deposited to your checking account as soon as the next business day if your request has been approved.

We have become the leading credit link and our commitment to responsible landing and excellent service are our key priorities. We put transparency and quality customer service as the paramount objectives for the company.

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What is a ACFA Cashflow?

We will connect you to hundreds of qualified lenders in our network.

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What Do I Need to Qualify?

There are requirements for the borrower to provide before the loan request is approved.

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How Do I Apply?

Your loan request process begins with your filling a simple form that is on our website. 

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Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant advance loan allows an entrepreneur and business people who use credit payment and other receivables to get an advance to fund their business expansion. Merchant cash advance is a vital financial boost to people who are looking to improve their business. The loan is based on future revenues from sales of the business.
Why wait yet you can expand your business immediately with merchant cash advance.

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personal Loan for Business

Personal loans for business will help the borrower to expand your business. Loans through ACFA will allow you to invest on your business immediately. Whether you are requesting for a loan for a small business or a large established business, personal loan for business is the perfect option for you.
It is a good choice for business where you do not have a solid history of profits.

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Term Loan

Whether you are looking for business loan or personal loan, term loan is the best option for you. Traditional lending institutions require strenuous filling of forms and information plus your credit history. Term loan is ideal for small and growing business because you can expand your business and incorporate modern technology as well as customer preferred goods and services.

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You never anticipate a financial emergency and with years on online loans connections, we are here to help your overcome financial emergencies. We pay close attention to customer needs and expectations and we pride ourselves as one of the best borrower lender company. We will connect you to hundreds of qualified lenders in our network. Usually once you have made a loan request by filling our easy and customer friendly form we will connect you to a lender who will finance your loan.

Your loan request process begins with your filling a simple form that is on our website. You should make the request with your name because you will be required to provide proof in identity card. It is essential that you check the criteria for loan request before you begin the loan request process. Borrowers should decide if you want to borrow term loans or merchant cash advance. It is best for the loan borrower to understand what they want before making loan request. Moreover, look at your repayment ability.

There are requirements for the borrower to provide before the loan request is approved. To be eligible to apply for the loan with ACFA you must meet the following:

  • An American resident with a valid national identity card
  • You must be employed
  • You must have an active checking account
  • You must not be active in the military

The amount of loan that you can borrow will depend with your ability to repay the loan, previous repayment history and your income. However, it is essential to note that different states have different interest cap and you should check the loan limit in your state to know the amount of loan that you are allowed to borrow.

Yes. The information you give us is private and confidential, we do not allow any third party or unauthorized persons to check your information. We use state of the art software and program to protect the information of our lenders and we strive to give clients top-notch customer service.

Our lenders do not require you to have stellar credit history. Your credit score is not put into consideration when processing the loan. We are here to help people with less stellar credit score to get access to finances that they would not in conventional lending systems.


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