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What’s a small loan?

The amount of small loans is usually $2,500 or less. Personal loans are usually smaller, with amounts up to $2,500 and sometimes as high as $50,000 or $100,000. A small personal loans could be 1000 dollar or 2,000. However, there are other unsecured loans available that may be as low at $300 or $500.

Lenders that offer loans less than $1,000 are not likely to make a profit. This is why it can be difficult to find them. The annual percentage rates charged by the listed lenders are below 36%, which is the minimum acceptable loan’s APR according to many consumer advocates. Some lenders charge excessively high rates knowing that the borrower won’t be able to repay the loan.

Compare lenders before you apply for a loan to make sure the loan is beneficial rather than detrimental.

How to get a small loan

Credit unions

Credit unions are non-profit institutions that exist to serve their members. They look at more than your credit score and consider information such as your relationship with the credit cooperative to determine your rate and qualify you.

Federal credit unions offer payday alternatives loans to borrowers with poor credit ratings. These loans are typically $200-$2,000. Federal credit unions are allowed to charge personal loans up to 18% and payday loans up to 28%, according the law.


Many banks do not offer personal loans. Two banks offer small loans up to $1,000:

The Balance Assist loan program from Bank of America offers loans ranging in amount from $100 to $500. The flat fee for borrowing is $5 and the repayment terms are three months. To qualify, you must be an existing Bank of America client.

The U.S. Bank Simple Loans allow bank customers to borrow $100-$1,000, which is repaid over three monthly installments. The fee for the loan is $12-15, which amounts to an APR between 77% and 81%. Although it’s more expensive than payday loans, it is still much cheaper than this option.

Online lenders

Online lenders offer loans starting at $1,000 to $2,000 but others have higher amounts.

Capital Good Fund offers low rates and loans up to $1,000. The loans are only available in seven states and the loan amounts can vary from one state to another.

Many online lenders offer quick funding and easy applications. Pre-qualification is also offered by many lenders. This process requires basic information such as your name and employment details. It allows you to see the rate and repayment terms you might be eligible for.

Bad credit

Bad credit (FICO 629 or lower) may still be eligible for a small loan from an online lender or credit union, but the rate you pay could be high.

These are some ways to increase your chances of getting.

To find quick fixes to improve your credit score, review your credit report.

You can add a co-applicant who has better credit or higher income.

You can add collateral, such as a car or an investment account, to your loan.

Build Credit Take longer before applying.

Alternatives for small personal loans

ACFA suggests looking into other options before you apply for a small loan. This is even if you have an emergency.

These options should be considered first.

You can form a lending group with your friends and family members that you trust or borrow a loan from a family member .

Side gigs are a great way to earn extra money. You have many options, from walking dogs to selling clothes.

For help with bills, groceries, fuel, or clothing, nonprofits, charities, and religious organizations can be contacted.

A loan application allows you to borrow against your next payday. These loans are a great way to borrow a few hundred bucks, but you must be ready to repay it on your next paycheck.

How do I get a small personal loan

These steps will help you apply for a small loan.

Review your credit and debts. Before applying, check your credit report (it’s free at AnnualCreditReport.com) for opportunities to improve your credit. Even if your loan amount is small, fixing any issues in your credit report can increase your chances of being approved. Calculate your debt-to income ratio to help lenders determine how much of a borrower goes to other debts. This number should be below 40% for many lenders.

You can preview loan offers to see what your monthly payments might be for a personal loan. Pre-qualifying is quick and easy with most online lenders. It doesn’t impact your credit score.

Gather all necessary documents. Lenders may ask for information such as your Social Security number, W-2s, and pay stubs in order to process an application. This information can help speed up your application.

Fill out the application. Some lenders allow you to apply online. You can expect to receive funding in a matter of days or weeks if you are approved. Your credit score will be temporarily affected by your application.

Avoid predatory loans

Payday lenders often offer loans with short terms, high interest rates and high fees. A $500 payday loan due within two weeks. The typical fee of $15 per $100 borrowed would result in an APR of 39%, which is considered prohibitively high by consumer finance advocates.

There are several ways to identify a predatory lender . Lenders that don’t verify your credit or ask for access to your bank account before closing a loan aren’t likely to be consumer-friendly.


Nerd wallet reviews personal loans from over 30 lenders and rates them. Interviewing company representatives, we collect more than 45 data points and compare each lender to others who offer similar personal loans.

ACFA editors and writers conduct an annual fact check and update, and also make any updates throughout the year.

Lenders that provide consumer-friendly features are awarded points by our star ratings. These include: flexible payment options, quick funding times, customer service, reporting to credit bureaus, financial education, transparent rates and terms, low interest rates with no fees, and easy pre-qualification. 

We also take into account regulatory actions taken by agencies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. These factors are weighed based on how they affect consumers’ experience and which are most important.

This method applies to lenders who have a maximum interest rate of 36%. That is the maximum rate that most financial experts and consumer advocates consider affordable. ACFA is not compensated for its star ratings. Our editorial guidelines.

Questions frequently asked

What if I have bad credit and want to get a personal loan?

Lenders may require a minimum credit score of 580 or less. You can check to see if you qualify if you aren’t sure. Pre-qualify Apply for a personal loan. Pre-qualifying will not affect your credit score and allows you to see what terms and rates a lender might offer.

 How do I easily get a small loan?

You can Apply for a Personal Loan In three steps To begin, you need to pre-qualify in order to determine which lender offers the best rates and terms. Next, gather documentation such as employment and bank account information. Submit your application. The process of applying for a loan online can take up to an hour.

 What are the best places to get a small loan without credit?

Some lenders offer these services. No credit check loan You should be cautious as interest rates can skyrocket and you could end up in debt. You should first explore other options before borrowing.


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