We are an established firm that is focused on connecting borrowers to lenders who will fund your loan request. Nearly half of Americans cannot access credit facilities from conventional lenders because of patchy credit history.

Lending from conventional institutions is based on credit score and the lower the credit score, the lower the chances of you accessing credit facilities. In most cases, a credit below 680 will deny you loan. Many people cannot access credit or loan facilities and if this happens during emergency. Financial studies have shown that many people fail the financial test and this increases the chances of financial jeopardy.

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We connect borrowers to many reputable lenders

We connect borrowers to many reputable lenders in our network and you will be able to access credit facilities from them. Connecting borrowers to lenders is our priority and we take every loan request seriously and let your lender give you an indication how much they are willing to lend you as soon as your loan request is approved. We have simplified the loan request process to allow borrowers to fill out the loan request form quickly and get an evaluation report as soon as your lender has verified your information.

Our mission is to help people succeed and overcome financial emergencies. We link you to merchant advance loans that will help you improve your business status. The loan request process is quick and free of strict regulations.

We understand that poor credit history may not allow you get funding from banks and other lending institutions. You can request for a loan even with poor credit history. The most important aspect is to provide essential information about your business and recent sales and inventory list. This information is crucial because your lender will evaluate it before giving you an amount that you are qualify for. We strive to give top results and maintain client confidence.

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