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There are times when you don’t have enough money to pay your bills. This is where cash advance apps with high ratings can help.

Many people struggle to make ends meet each month. This is because it is becoming more difficult for Americans to close the gap. The wide financial gap has resulted in a boom in cash advances. This number is even more staggering when you consider the fees associated with payday advances. Because of the current financial crisis, I looked for the best cash advance loans application that were free or low-cost. This will make it easier to get your next paycheck.


  • The maximum amount that you can withdraw is $100
  • Only one withdrawal per pay cycle is allowed.
  • No fees

Earnin is the first app that can pay your payroll. It’s been around for some time.

The service is similar to Dave’s, but you are limited to $100 cash advances per pay period. You can tip the app to keep it running.

These cash advances come with many other incredible features, including

  • BalanceShield functions in the same way as Dave. BalanceShield works in the same way as Dave. It will notify you when your account balance drops below a certain amount. They will then automatically deposit $100 cash into your account.
  • Health Aid is a program that reduces your medical bills. All you have to do is upload a photo of your medical bill. Earnin will then negotiate with the company to lower your medical bills.
  • Tip Jar lets you save small amounts for bigger goals.

The Earnin platform offers these three amazing bonuses. Earn anywhere from 1% up to 10% cashback if you shop in the app and use Earnin to pay.


  • The maximum amount that you can withdraw: $250.1
  • You may withdraw only once per pay cycle. The app automatically determines your eligibility for Cash Advance.
  • Fees: $8 per month for the first 14 days. After that, it’s free. You have access to all money management tools (including budgeting and savings to get out the cycle that requires Cash advance span>

Empower has Cash Advance options, and it is a versatile app. There are no minimums nor overdraft fees.

Empower also offers one of the most effective budgeting apps. You can customize your budget to maximize efficiency.

  • Monitoring spending across multiple categories
  • Limiting spending in certain categories
  • You have the option to set spending limits for certain categories.
  • Set a weekly goal to reach your savings goals, and then use the AutoSave function.

Once you have established your spending limits, budgeting categories, and AutoSave, you can go. To help you get back on track, your budget will be rearranged.

Empower does not operate as a bank but is a financial technology company.

*0.01% Annual Percentage Yield (APY), subject change at any time. Empower charges $8 per month for an auto-recurring subscription. You have access to all the money management tools on Empower.


  • The maximum amount that you can withdraw is $100
  • When can I withdraw my funds? After the account has been fully paid.
  • Fees – $1 per month.

Dave lets you create an online checking account that allows cash advances and cash advances. This app will let you know if your account is close to being over-drafted.

You can get a $100 cash advance from your next payday. The cash advance is not subject to interest. 

This is an excellent option, but Dave also offers a lot more

  • Create your credit history report rent payments to credit bureaus automatically
  • ATM fees are not charged at more than 32,000 ATMs.
  • Automatic budgeting to keep you on track.
  • You can make extra money by starting a side business.

You don’t have to be convinced by these bonuses. Simply connect your debit card, and you will earn credits that can offset your monthly fees.


  • The maximum amount that you can withdraw: $250
  • Only one withdrawal per pay cycle is allowed.
  • Fees – $10 per month.

Brigit provides the most flexibility in cash advances or payday loans. Each pay cycle, a cash advance of up to $250 can be obtained.

You may get a larger payday advance and can file extensions up three times.

Brigit prohibits anyone from applying for a cash advance. If you meet these requirements, the app will let you apply for cash advances.

  • A checking account for an individual must be at most 60 days old
  • At least two working days must pass before you can be paid.
  • Maintain a minimum balance of $0.
  • You should use your checking account almost every day.
  • The employer must have deposited a minimum of three paychecks.
  • The average monthly salary is at least $400
  • Minimum $1500 per month in deposits from one employer

You can still use budgeting tools to organize your finances even if you don’t meet the criteria.


  • The maximum amount that you can withdraw – Your entire salary
  • When can I withdraw my money? – Two days before your regular payday.
  • No fees

Chime has a unique approach to cash advance apps.

This mobile app for financial management offers many additional features. Access:

  • More Than 38,000 ATMs.
  • Receive alerts from the bank when there is a charge, deposit, or other information.
  • Every paycheck eligible for automated savings
  • Add up the fees to deposit money automatically into a savings account.
  • Your debit card will be blocked if you suspect any suspicious activity.

These are perks that brick-and-mortar banks won’t offer.

Chime Disclosure: Chime is not an institution of banking but a financial technology company. Services offered by Stride Bank, N.A. and The Bancorp Bank, N.A., including debit cards. Members


  • The maximum amount that you can withdraw: $250
  • Only one withdrawal per pay cycle is allowed.
  • No fees

MoneyLion allows you to get a cash advance up to $250. When you log in to Instacash, you can choose how much money you want to have until payday.

MoneyLion is more than just a cash advance company. These features include

  • Credit monitoring is free.
  • Checking account without fees
  • Access to more than 55,000 ATMs
  • Lock to protect your debit card against fraud
  • Credit-building loans

When you use your debit card for purchases, you can get as much as 12% cashback. This fund is fully managed and can be used to assist you in your retirement planning.


  • The maximum amount that you can withdraw – Your entire salary
  • When can you withdraw your funds? Two business days before your regular payday.
  • No fees

Varo is known for its live customer service.

Varo is another mobile banking site that can deposit your paycheck as soon as two days before it’s needed.

They have many more features that make their app attractive, aside from an intuitive platform.

  • Automatic locking debit card
  • Transfers from your Varo account to any other Varo account are completely free.
  • Receive instant notifications when money is withdrawn from or deposited into your account.
  • Access to more than 55,000 ATMs
  • Your debit card can be used to overdraw your account up until $50.
  • To deposit checks remotely, use the Varo app.
  • You can set up a Varo savings account to automatically deposit a certain amount of your paychecks into
  • Round up your transactions from your checking account and convert them to a dollar. Then deposit them into your Varo Savings Account.

Varo has so many options, and even if you don’t use all of them, it can be overwhelming.

This was how I created the list

It was harder than I expected to create this list of cash advance apps. These apps are primarily focused on personal finance.

Many people struggle to make ends meet every month. I searched for an app that could offer more than cash advances. It is essential to have an app that can help you navigate your financial journey.

Cash advances: What are you supposed to know about?

While a cash advance might sound great for temporary cash flow issues, there are some things you should be aware of.

High-priced charges

Cash advances may come with high fees. Depending on the servicer or cash advance, these fees could range from $10 to 5%.

High APR

High APRs are another thing to be aware of.

Continual use

The high fees and high APR should give you cause for concern. It will be difficult to save money in the future.

If you take one cash advance, it’s easy to spiral down. You will have to work harder to get your finances in order.

The most significant characteristics of a cash advance

These are essential things to keep in mind before you pull the trigger and get a cash advance.

The maximum amount that you can withdraw

You can withdraw different amounts. The most common numbers are $100 to $250 per payday.

Get a cash advance whenever you need it

Cash advances are subject to a time limit. Some companies may allow cash advances for as little as one month, while others only allow one per pay period.

Associate fees

Different fees and APRs may apply to different companies. Before you sign anything, make sure you read all terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions of repayment

Different repayment terms are available for other people. You must have sufficient funds in your bank account to repay the loan completely by the due date.

Cash Advance Options

A cash advance might be enough to get you through your next payday. It is time to consider a personal loan.

Personal loans are available in many ways. LendingTree and Credible are the most popular.


Fiona will give you a credit score and let you enter any amount you wish. They won’t take a hard look at your credit score.


Credible makes it easy for loan servicers to connect with consumers searching for loans.


LendingTree offers a variety of products for every type of loan. LendingTree is one of the largest online marketplaces.

Keep in mind that a combination of a personal loan and a cash advance can only prolong the cycle and make you more debt.



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