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The economy is in crisis. To pay for college, an average student must work two or more jobs. Although there is a shortage of jobs in many parts of the developed world, it doesn’t mean that income can cover the expenses. When unexpected expenses arise, things can get very difficult. ACFA can help supplement you with cash advance loans and we are a direct lender.  If you prefer to borrow rather than wait for payday or take a salary advance.

Cash-strapped people have traditionally turned to credit card companies for loans. High-interest rates can be a major problem with a credit card provider’s loan. We have your back. We make it easy to get short-term loans quickly at highly competitive rates. We work with an online network of direct lenders who lend cash advances up to $2,500 to our customers.

What is a Cash Advance Loan?

Cash advance loans can be used to help you financially until your payday. The cash advance loan is usually deposited directly by the lender into your bank account. This allows you to access the money quickly and to solve any financial problems that may be arising. By the terms, the loan will be repaid the following payday. These loans are very beneficial to work individuals.

They are unsecured, so you don’t have to give up your home to obtain them. They can be used to pay for minor or emergency expenses such as rent supplements, medical bills, and repairs to an appliance that has been damaged unexpectedly. No matter what reason, do you need quick cash? You should consider a cash advance loan as your first option.

Only licensed lenders can offer cash advances online

Although there are many types of lenders, they all fall under two broad categories: the licensed and the unlicensed. Licensed lenders are also important in this context. They can be divided into two groups: the direct licensed lenders or the indirect licensed lenders. It is essential to do enough research before you commit to any type of loan.

Federal and state laws require lenders to follow specific rules and regulations that protect the borrower. Direct lenders typically handle all aspects of the loan process, from application to repayment. However, some states like Texas and Ohio have CAB ( credit access businesses). ACFA does not act as a lender in these jurisdictions but instead arranges loans financed separately by a designated direct lender.

Why choose ACFA to be your preferred direct cash advance loan provider

ACFA is a network of dedicated, responsible lenders that offers online cash advances. ACFA is a different kind of short-term lender than the average one. We believe in every borrower, regardless of their credit history. ACFA’s goal is to make borrowing money easier.

We are willing to help you get loans as quickly as possible, as we understand your need. You can apply online for a loan using your smartphone or computer in less than five minutes, and we will decide. You are more likely to receive the money in your account within the next weekday if you submit your loan application after 5:00 PM on any business day. This will allow you to respond to any emergency that you may be facing quickly.

Our network may only allow first-time borrowers to borrow up to US$1,000. After you receive a loan from our network, you will be able to earn points or credits that can help you climb the ladder and get you a higher loan limit. All you need is to be eligible.

Who is eligible to receive a cash advance through our direct lender network

Payday advance lenders have different requirements for borrowers. Each lender is unique. ACFA strives to make loans as accessible as possible for as many people as we can. We only use the minimum requirements that most borrowers would agree to. These are our requirements:

  • If you are a resident of a state that ACFA operates,
  • You must be 18 years old or older
  • A registered number has been assigned to your phone
  • You have a valid, functional email address
  • One or more recurring sources of income are available to you. You can use regular government paychecks or paychecks from your job to identify the source. In certain states, proof of income might be required.
  • You don’t need active military service, and you are not dependent on someone with active military services.
  • A checking account is available that allows electronic transfers
  • We are happy to share your contact information, including your address

If you have met the requirements above, you can fill out our quick and easy application form. You will need to provide us with information about your income and contact details. Next, tell us where you want the money to go. We will get back to you within a reasonable time with information about your decision and the amount you must repay.


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