What is Factoring

What is Factoring and Why Do Businesses Use This as a Financing Option Having a good cash flow is very important for any business to run smoothly. When there are expenses, not to mention accounts receivables that may take time, sometimes it can be a big challenge for a business to search for the funds … Continue reading “What is Factoring”

Factoring Financing

Factoring Financing Companies: How Do They Work? Small-scale business owners, despite having stellar credit scores, may still have a hard time securing a business loan from traditional lenders. The good news is that businesses now get to have various financing options. Nowadays, many would turn to factoring financing companies. Is It a Form of Financing? … Continue reading “Factoring Financing”

Accounts Receivable Factoring

What You Need to Know About Accounts Receivable Factoring Account receivables factoring is a financing method where you use your invoices and turn them into cash right away. These invoices are categorized in your ledger as account receivables where your clients promise to pay the certain amount stated. For business owners who need immediate cash, … Continue reading “Accounts Receivable Factoring”

Factoring Receivables

A Guide to Factoring Receivables With accounts receivable factoring, you sell the outstanding invoices of your business. You sell them to a factoring company and they will take on the responsibility of taking the debt and collecting from your clients. But of course, it comes with a fee. Looking at how accounts receivable works, it … Continue reading “Factoring Receivables”

Invoice Factoring

7 Invoice Factoring Mistakes You Want To Avoid Many businesses experience problems with their cash flow. If you need instant funds to fund expenses in your business or to boost working capital, invoice factoring is one of the best options for you. It is basically an account receivable financing that most business owns use to … Continue reading “Invoice Factoring”

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