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Installment Loans with direct deposit allow you to borrow the amount you need in one lump-sum payment. The loan has a monthly repayment plan that will enable you to repay the loan over time.

 You can use installment loans for many reasons. Often, cash is needed quickly when you have an emergency. Installment loans are a fast way to access the cash you need, whether to pay unexpected expenses such as repairs or to pay an unpaid bill.

How quickly can you get cash with an installment loan? It depends on several factors. You may be eligible for an instant deposit if ACFA has previously served you. This depends on where you are applying. Your application could take up to one day to fund if you are a new customer. 

It is important to have all the information you need for your application available and get any questions answered. This will ensure that your application is processed quickly. Online and in-person applications are accepted.

Get instant approval for an installment loan.

The speed at which your application for an installment loan is processed depends on several factors. These include your transaction history with the company. These steps will ensure that your application is processed quickly, and you may be eligible for same-day or instant funding.

All previous ACFA customers can receive an instant online decision

ACFA customers who have been in the past will already have their information on file. This will speed up the application process and allow you to get an instant decision when applying online for an installment loan.

If you choose direct deposit, funds will be transferred to your bank account immediately after your application has been approved.

Find out if your state offers installment loans.

Before you submit our installment loan application, ensure that installment loans are available within your state. They may be available in-store or online. Your form is where you live currently, according to your government ID.

Get an in-store app

Online applications can be submitted, but customers who apply at ACFA locations in person will receive money immediately after approval. You will need to bring a few documents with you once you have arrived at the store to process your loan.

  • A government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license
  • Latest checking account statement
  • Income proof
  • Social security number

Depending on your state, you may require additional information. You can call ahead or visit the ACFA website to find out what information you need before applying. The zip code tool can be used to determine the maximum amount that you can borrow for an installment loan. However, the actual amount depends on your application factors, including income proof.

An in-store application will decide on your loan within ten minutes if you have all the documentation. Once the loan is approved, you can walk out with cash.

Direct deposit required for your online application

Online application Direct deposit allows funds to be transferred to your bank account directly. An online application, just like in-store applications, will verify your income and identity to make a loan decision. An online application can be used to verify your income and identity to get an installment loan.

All your paperwork in order

You can apply online or in-store for an installment loan, but you need to have all documentation. You will need your government-issued identification, bank account information, as well as income information. You may be asked to provide proof of income in some instances (e.g., a payslip or direct deposit receipt).

How long does an installment loan take to pay off?

The amount of money you can borrow depends on whether your application has been completed and whether it was submitted in-store or online. Funding usually takes 24 hours to transfer funds to your bank account via direct deposits once an application has been approved.

If you are a past ACFA customer, you may be eligible for instant funding online. This depends on where you live.

ACFA will often fund your application the same day if you submit your application by 10:30 AM EST.

Application Time: Less Than 10 Minutes

It doesn’t matter if you apply in-store or online. Your personal information will be required, including your address. You can ask questions in-store or online using the chat function.

Decision Time: Instant to 24 Hours

Online installment loan applications are usually approved immediately by our AA team, which reviews your loan eligibility online. Online applications submitted before 10:30 AM EST can generally be approved and funds sent the next day. Applications that are approved after 10:30 AM EST are usually funded the next banking day.

Funding Time: Instant to Next Banking Day

We will release the funds once your application has been approved. Direct funding allows the funds to be transferred directly to your bank account. This can take up until the next banking day. Cash payouts are available when you visit an ACFA branch.

How to quickly submit our installment loan application

ACFA makes it easy to apply for an installment loan online or in-store. This will allow you to access cash whenever you need it.

1. Check to see if you qualify for an installment loan in your area

Click here to find out if installment loans are available in your area and what loan options are available. You may have other options, such as a payday loan.

2. Collect your documents

You will need to provide proof of income, a checking or savings account, and government-issued identification to apply for ACFA installment loans. These documents can be taken to a local store or kept on hand for your online application.

3. Apply

ACFA will give you an approval decision in no time, regardless of whether you apply in-store and online. Direct deposit allows you to withdraw the funds whenever you need them. ACFA customers who have used ACFA before can quickly apply. Your information will be securely stored.

4. Repay the loan

Your loan amount and pay frequency will affect how much you can make your monthly or bi-weekly payments. These details are included in the loan agreement. You can see the Installment loans Rates and Fees table to help you understand how different loans are broken down into monthly payments.

ACFA doesn’t charge early payment penalties on installment loans. This means that you can pay off your loan sooner if you have a bonus or other financial gain.

5. Keep in touch

ACFA can help you make alternate payment arrangements if you are worried about missing a payment on your cash installment loans. An installment loan is a great way to manage your financial obligations.

Fast funding, quick applications, and instant decisions

ACFA installment loans are quick and easy to apply for. Funding can be sent the same day if you submit your application before 10:30 AM EST or within 24 hours. You can receive funds directly to your account via a direct deposit or cash at one of our 1,500 locations throughout the U.S.


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