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You want to quickly and easily get the money you need when you have a financial emergency. If you try to obtain a loan from someone other than a lender direct, it could lead to frustration, delays, and headaches before you get the cash you need. Is that to say you should go to a payday lender? Is it better to get an installment loans from direct lender? Before discussing which option is best, let’s define what “direct lender” actually means.

What’s a direct lender?

Every company that offers to lend money may not be lending their money. They may not approve or review your request for loan approval. They may simply take your application and give it to others who will do the actual work to get you cash. A company that forwards your application to more than one party is not a direct lender.

Direct lenders manage all aspects of the loan process. You are the only one who will review, approve and deliver your loan.

Benefits of using a direct lender

Faster loan processing. It’s not uncommon for your cash request to get stalled while you wait for paperwork to move about. Direct lenders are quicker to process loans because they coordinate the whole process. Direct lenders are quicker to approve loans because they coordinate the entire process. ACFA is an online installment lender.

Avoid privacy concerns These firms may call you during or after the process.

More transparency in the loan process. It is more challenging for you to understand the process and get answers if more than one company is involved. ACFA is your direct lender. You’ll find that you can see the process quickly and get the money you need as soon as it happens.

Are Installment loans lenders the best option?

Direct lending is a great option, but are payday loans direct lenders a good option? It all depends on how quickly you can repay your loan. Payday loans have a brief repayment period. Often, the loan is due in full by the next payday.

Payday lending is more convenient with ACFA.

ACFA offers online installment loans. This assures you that you are working with a direct lender. It also allows you to make regular payments and pay off your loan on time. There are many benefits to choosing an installment lender instead of a payday lender:

Relieve financial pressure by paying off your loan over time.

Improved control over finances. Since installment payments are made regularly, you will have the transparency you need to monitor your cash flow.

Pay your regular expenses and have extra funds in case of an emergency.


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