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For short term loans, take a look at credit unions or lenders online for low-cost loans. Find small loans, and learn about alternative options.

A modest individual loan will help you cover the gap in your income or pay for a minor need, such as repairing your car. Even if you require urgent cash, it’s essential to look at your options for financing before taking out a loan, as you could find a lower-cost one.

These are personal loans that are small in size that can be that is as low as $300. Learn how to evaluate lenders and look into alternative options.

What exactly is a short term loans?

Small loans usually have sums of $2,500 or less. Personal loan amounts tend to be higher, and they typically have a maximum of $50,000 or $100,000. Therefore a personal loan of modest size can be $2,000 or $1,000. There are other loans with no collateral that could be as small as $300 or $500.

It’s not easy for many lenders to turn an income from a loan of less than $1000, which is why they’re often challenging to locate. The lenders listed here all have APRs that are less than 36%the most affordable rate a loan’s APR could be as per numerous consumers’ advocates. However, some lenders charge incredibly high rates, in certain instances knowing that the borrower isn’t able to repay the loan (more about the dangers of predatory lending in the next section).

Compare lenders and vet them before you make a loan to ensure that the loan will benefit your situation rather than aggravate it.

Where can you get a short term loans?

Credit unions

Credit unions are not-for-profit institutions designed to provide their members with services. They examine the credit score to other information such as how you interact with the credit institution to assess your creditworthiness and determine your rates.

Many Federal credit unions also provide payday loans generally between $200 and $2,000 for borrowers with poor credit scores. Federal law requires that credit unions can charge annually 18 percent for personal loans and 28 percent for payday loans.


Some banks do not provide personal loans, but they do not offer larger loans. However, two banks offer small loans for $1,000 or less:

The Bank of America’s Balance Assist offers loans from 100 to 500 dollars. It charges a flat rate of $5 to borrow, and the repayment term is three months. You must be a current Bank of America customer to be eligible.

The U.S. Bank Simple Loan lets bank customers take out loans of between $100 and $1,000. Three equal monthly payments repay the loan. The loan is subject to a charge of between $12 and $15, equivalent to an annual percentage rate of 77 9 percent to 81 percent. This is a high-cost option, but it’s cheaper in comparison to payday loans.

Online lender

Online lenders’ loan amounts generally start at around $2,000 or $1,000, but specific lenders offer a much more significant starting amount of loans.

Capital Good Fund is among the few online lenders offering low-interest rates and loans as low as $1,000. The loans are provided in just seven states. However, the loan amounts differ by state.

Online lenders usually offer quick approval and also online applications. They also provide pre-qualification, the application process, which needs basic information such as your name, employment information, the amount you’d like to borrow, and the reason for borrowing. It lets you know what rates and repayment terms you might be eligible for.

short term loans available for bad credit

Suppose you are a victim of bad credit (629 or lower FICO). In that case, If you have a low FICO, you could be eligible for a modest loan from an institution like a credit union or a reputable online lender for people with bad credit. However, the rate may be at the higher portion of the lender’s APR range.

Here are some tips to increase your chances of obtaining:

  • Check the details of your credit report to identify any quick fixes that may improve your credit score.
  • Include a co-applicant who has more credit or earning.
  • You can also add collateral to the loan, for example, the car or an investment account.
  • Make sure you take the time to create credit before you make an application.

Alternatives to short term loans that are small

ACFA Cashflow suggests exploring cheaper options before obtaining a small amount of money, even if you require the funds for an emergency.

Take a look at these alternatives first.

  • You might want to consider the possibility of forming a credit circle that includes family members and friends members you trust or taking a loan from an individual in your family.
  • Find a side job to earn extra cash. The options range from selling your clothes at home to walking dogs through the town.
  • Get help from local charities, nonprofits, and religious groups to help you with issues such as bills, gas and groceries, food, or clothing.
  • You can borrow against your next pay by using the help of a loan application. The loans are an affordable option to borrow up to a few hundred dollars, but you should be prepared to repay the loan amount from your next paycheck.

How do you take out a short term loan?

If a smaller loan is your best choice, then follow these measures to get one.

  • Review your credit and debts.

     Before applying, check your credit report (it’s free at for opportunities to improve your credit. Even if you’re only borrowing only a little, fixing any problems that appear on your credit report can increase the likelihood of being approved. In addition, calculate your debt-to-income ratio, which lenders utilize to determine how much of the borrower’s earnings are devoted to other loans. Many lenders want to see this ratio lower than 40%.

  • The pre-qualification process is simple.

     Previewing loan offers will let you know what your monthly payment options are available for the basis of a personal loan. Because pre-qualifying only takes a few minutes with most online lenders and won’t impact your credit score, evaluating small loans is an easy method.

  • Take care to gather the required documentation.

     A lender may need information such as the applicant’s Social Security number, W-2s, and pay stubs to be included on an application. Gathering this information before when you submit your application can help speed up the process of applying.

  • Apply for the loan.

     This part may be completed with local banks or credit unions; however, many large lenders offer online applications. If you’re accepted, you’ll receive the funds to be available within one day or one week. Making an application will temporarily cut some marks off of the credit score.

Avoid small loans that are predatory

Payday lenders usually provide loans at high rates, short terms, and late charges. The 500 cash advance due in just two weeks, with a typical cost of $15 per $100 you’re able to borrow, will result in an APR of 391%. That’s a figure which is considered too expensive by finance experts.

You can identify a lender who is predatory in a variety of ways. If a lender doesn’t verify your credit or asks for an account with your bank, or does not disclose the loan’s APR before closing or closing, it’s likely not making loans that are a good choice for consumers.


ACFA-Cashflow’s review process reviews and rates personal loan products offered by over 30 different lenders. We gather over 45 information details from every lender. We also talk to company representatives and then evaluate the lender against other lenders who are seeking the same customers or provide a similar loan. ACFA-Cashflow’s writers and editors carry out a thorough fact-check and review every year. They will also conduct updates every year when needed.

Our star ratings give points to lenders who provide features that are friendly to consumers, including soft credit checks to be pre-qualified with competitive interest rates, no charges, transparency of rates and conditions and various payment choices, quick time to fund, easy customer service, reporting the payment to credit bureaus, and financial education. 

We also consider legal actions filed by organizations like that of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We evaluate these aspects by analyzing which are most significant to consumers and how they affect the consumer’s experience.

This approach is only available to lenders that set their interest at 36%. This is the highest rate that experts and consumer advocates agree on as the appropriate limit for loans to be affordable. ACFA-Cashflow is not compensated for our top ratings. Learn more about our guidelines for editorials.


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