Direct lenders for bad credit installment loans


Installment loans has come in handy as a simple way of getting cash for many people. This is especially when you have a bad credit score and do not want to go seeking assistance from the banks. Lenders have come out to fulfill your needs. These loans are common and several direct lenders are available in our network to give you more options. The lenders have loan products that can accommodate any of your financial needs with a faster process. They will offer you installment loans to assist you with your urgent financial matter at affordable interest rates. We will connect you with different types of lenders who are willing to offer you a loan. Your responsibility is to search through our list and find the appropriate lender for your emergency. Even if you have a poor credit score, you will be able to find direct lenders for bad credit installment loans. They have flexible terms for you.

Things to Do

  1. Things to Do
    Things to Do

    Before requesting for a loan, it is important to estimate how much you really need. Most of the time, you will be tempted to go for a higher amount. It is not advisable. Only take out an amount that you really need and are comfortable repaying.

  2. Know that these loans have interest rates that are also based on the amount you borrow. Request for a loan that will not make it difficult for you to pay your other monthly bills. The lender will be expecting you to remit a certain installment amount every month without failure. It will be easier to pay if you request for a loan that is just enough.

Installment Options

  • Installment Options
    Installment Options

    This option makes these loans from direct lenders worth trying. When seeking out a loan, you need to be sure of the installment plan fits your income schedule. For instance, you can settle for a plan that allows you to pay after your pay day. This means you shall have a specific date after your pay check to pay your lender. You can choose this, however, other lenders may insist for your checking bank account so that the amount is withdrawn as soon as you earn.

  • Lenders are also aware that you are sometimes not able to remit your payment. However, you will have to inform your lenders beforehand for him to organize a plan for you. You can get a lender with an extension option that will keep you on track. Even though you will have to pay additional charges, it is better than defaulting. In addition, this is why it is important to request for an appropriate loan. When you default a loan, you are creating a bad record for your credit profile. Note that your profile is not just important now but also for your future financial endeavors.

Features of Direct Lenders For Bad Credit Installment Loans

  • Features of Direct Lenders For Bad Credit Installment Loans
    Features of Direct Lenders For Bad Credit Installment Loans

    These loans have numerous benefits in that they are easy to get and have the least number of requirements that you are required to meet. The major requirement is your source of regular income. All lenders want you to assure them that you have an active account that is credited on a regular basis. After you have filled out and submitted the required documents online, you only wait for the loan approval before you receive cash in your account. It is a faster process compared to getting a loan from a traditional financial institution.

  • Direct lenders for bad credit installment loans will require you to provide basic information to your lender of choice. Fortunately, lenders already know that your matter is urgent and will be working to approve your request a fast as possible. Whenever you decide to find a direct lender with us, you will be on the right track in your quest for financial aid. Their installment option makes your choice right for your situation.
  • The lenders you find will offer you customized installment plans that make it simple to repay during the loan period. You will be paying back the loan in form of small amounts for a defined period of time. With this, you are almost sure that you will not default. Many of those who default have always opted to prioritize their other bills than the loan they owe. You need to calculate the amount you will be paying every month and incorporate that into your monthly budget. This way, you will not be overwhelmed by repayments.
  • The loans are for your convenience as lenders only work to satisfy your need as fast as they can. You will be sitting back on your couch at home and waiting for a notification that your account has received cash. The process is all open and easy to use.
  • Lenders ensure your privacy and no other party will know about your loan issue.

Where to Find Direct Lenders

  1. Loans for Bad Credit
    installment loans people bad credit – Payday Loan Online

    The services of direct loan lenders with affordable installment loans for your short term goal are readily available to you. You can never predict when you will face an emergency. You are safe with us when you get to know about direct lenders for bad credit individuals.

  2. Lenders in our network are certified and are working within the rules of your particular state. Their services are legal with no hidden terms that will leave you surprised especially should you default at some point. You will be protected from any unnecessary financial action that usually occur with most financing institutions.

For several years now, direct lenders for bad credit installment loans have seen rapid growth. Challenging times have forced many people to look for alternative avenues of acquiring cash. Traditional lenders have strict terms that keep many out of their list of qualified clients.  It all starts with the bothersome paperwork that is time-consuming. Choosing a loan from direct lenders working with us is an effective solution for your urgent financial obligation.


Installment Loans for Bad Credit Direct Lenders


Requesting for installment loans from direct lenders is now simple and fast. It involves a quick navigation through the list of lenders working with us and filling out simple forms. Your lender will review your request before he approves your loan. These loans are offered for a long period and lenders work to approve them as fast as possible. They understand that you are in urgent need of cash, hence they also do not ask a lot of you.

Facts to Know

  1. Facts to Know
    Facts to Know

    Installment loans are meant to offer you a long-term repayment plan. The aim of the plan is to help you build your credit rating as well as get out of your financial crisis. When you have a good credit score, you are more likely to be offered a loan by many lenders. You will also be comfortable knowing that you can easily qualify for a loan and that you are now in control of your finances.

  2. Always note that it is not easy to just qualify for a loan. Lenders in our list look for the assurance that you are going to pay them back. You will qualify for installment loans for bad credit direct lenders but you have to pay back as scheduled. If it is your first time borrowing, that would be the opportunity to create a good credit profile with your first lender.
  3. Compared to other loans like those offered by financial institutions, these loans are more accommodating. If you have a bad credit score and you request a loan from a bank, it is likely that your request will not be approved. They do not consider your emergency as a factor in releasing a loan to you.
  4. We will connect you to certified and trusted direct lenders who will not focus on your bad credit history. They want to offer you an installment loan and assist you in dealing with your financial problem. You will be able to search and find a lender whose package works for you.
  5. Calculate the amount you need to borrow for your need. Have a specific expenditure plan and determine the exact amount of cash for it. With this in mind, you will not be tempted to request for a loan that is much more than you actually need. It will be difficult to pay a larger amount.
  6. Keep in mind that the amount you request for will be subject to interest.

What Lenders Offer

  • Loans for Bad Credit
    What Lenders Offer

    Lenders in our network will offer you different repayment options and you only need to choose a suitable one for yourself. For instance, you can a find a lender who is willing to allow you to pay the full charges and any amount you can raise towards the principal balance. This is when you are not able to pay the balance off. A lender can also charge you smaller fees which in turn mean that your balance will be reducing significantly. With a little effort, you will be able to clear your balance within a short time.


  • Direct lenders aim at ensuring that you can pay them back without failure. This is why they offer you more installment options. The more the installments, the smaller the amount you will be paying every month. You only need to be aware of the higher interest associated with longer installments. Before you decide to settle for any installment loans for bad credit direct lenders, ensure you clearly understand the terms.


  • With us, you are assured of getting in touch with lenders who will work to your advantage. They will make the process of acquiring a loan very simple. They have done the legal research for you and therefore you do not need to worry.


  • The lenders in our system work to meet your demands. They will be giving you an opportunity to get cash in your bank account and pay back wtih flexible terms. You will not be required to provide any form of collateral.


  • Very fast request processYou will be getting financial relief if you decide to seek out an installment loan from a reputable lender. Lenders already know the stress you are going through, hence they work to make your life easier. Lenders you find with us will not put any unnecessary pressure on you. You may also find a lender who is willing to let you decide the amount of installment you are comfortable repaying.


  • Once you received cash in your bank account, start setting up your payment plan. Know the amount you are required to pay as installment and fix that into your monthly deduction budget. Remember that you have signed up for an emergency expense and therefore you need to be careful not to forfeit other bills.


  • Avoid defaulting any of your payments as it will affect your credit rating. You may already be having a poor credit score and defaulting your current installments will worsen your case. Striving to stick to the payment schedule will be giving you a good chance of requesting for a loan with better terms in future.

In general, we will be linking you to the best direct lenders who offer loans to those with bad credit scores. The lenders have simple requirements that you can easily meet. They review your request quickly to ensure that you get cash fast. You will be positively impacting on your credit score when you choose installment loans from the listed lenders.

Installment Loans for Bad Credit


Installment loans is a type of loan that is advanced to the borrower with the lender requiring the borrower to pay the loan in scheduled repayments maybe in weeks or months depending on the lender. The loans are actually available to people with less than stellar credit history. In case you default the loan, the conventional lender will convert the asset to money and repay the loan. Many Americans are facing tough financial times. This has affected many and their credit scores have lowered considerably. It is essential to note that credit score is a measure of borrower’s credit worthiness or ability to repay a loan. Installment loans for bad credit are a solution for people with lower credit scores. If you need cash to deal with an emergency, you will have to apply for installment loans for bad credit.

You are supposed to meet the following criteria in order to qualify for a loan. These include

  1. You are not an active military personnel
  2. You have an active checking account
  3. You have a recurrent income or proof of employment.
  4. You are at least 18 years old and have a valid national identity card

Why choose installment loans for bad credit?

Why choose installment loans for bad credit?
Why choose installment loans for bad credit?

You cannot budget for financial emergencies as they usually appear unexpected. If you do not have a fully funded emergency account, you will fall into financial turmoil. Many people are depressed and they lose hope when faced with these tough conditions. However, you should not worry because we will help you get funding from reputable lenders in our network. Whether you want to pay for an emergency medical bill or need to make renovations, an installment loan is the right choice for you. The features of installment loans for bad credit include

  • You have the freedom to find a permanent financial solution without breaking your bank account balance.
  • The loan terms are tied to your income and you will be in a position to repay the loan while maintaining your regular lifestyle. You can allow your lender to deduct the amount from your bank or make the payment yourself to the bank.
  • The loan comes with fixed interest rates and the installments are spread across a period. This means that you will know what you are supposed to pay and they will not fluctuate to unexpected rates like other types of credit.

What to look for in a lender


  • Experience



Loans for Bad Credit

This is the most crucial aspect because you would want to deal with a person who is experienced in this field and will know how to handle different situations. The process should be seamless to allow the borrower to access the loan facility quickly and with ease. We have made our loan request process simple and you can apply for the loan in the comfort of your living room as long as you have an internet connection. You can complete the loan request form quickly and we will match you with lenders who will fund your loan. We have many lenders in our network and as long as you meet the criteria, you will get a loan.


  • Security



This is the most integral part for any customer or borrower. When you give us your information, we will not pass it to unauthorized parties. We have state-of-the-art data encryption software and programs which ensure that your information is safe and secure. We will never pass your information to a third party without your permission.


  • Simplicity


If you are in need of an emergency loan and do not have a financial backup, installment loans for bad credit will likely be the answer to this problem. Once you have submitted your information, we will connect you to lenders within a short period and you will be given feedback. Your lender will make you an offer based on your ability to repay the loan and the information that you have supplied at the time of application. You should go through the frequently asked questions to get a sense of how we operate and how you can make the application. If you have more questions, we are more than willing to answer the question. Call us or send us an email.

Bad credit is not a problem

Bad credit is not a problem
Bad credit is not a problem

We believe in giving borrowers an avenue to get financial solutions whenever they have problem. Every citizen is entitled to get the right credit facilities and that is lenders in our network are working round-the-clock to ensure that you get the right loan. We cannot promise that we don’t check your credit. What is mostly done is a soft credit check that is meant to check the validity of the information that you have provided. However, less than stellar credit history does not mean that you will not get a loan. As long as you meet the criteria that your lender requires, then you will get a loan. One important aspect when applying for the loan is your income status. This is an indication on how much you can afford.

  • In essence, the amount borrowed should not exceed more than 25% of your gross income. This is to allow the borrower to have breathing space and meet other financial obligations apart from repaying the loan.
  • You should read the payday lending and other legal requirements in your state to know if there are interest caps or limits.

Easy Eligibility

  • The loan request process is simple and with many lenders in our network, we believe that you will get a loan of your choice if you meet the criteria. The process is usually done online. We understand the dynamics involved in financial emergency and we are here to aid alleviate your problem. Your lender does not require you to have collateral, and once you have proven to have ability to repay the loan, you will qualify for one.
  • The last thing you want when you are looking for a loan is to land in a vicious debt cycle. We promote responsible lending and when you are borrowing money, it should not be used as a long-term financial solution. However, you can use it to deal with emergencies. Moreover, we do not charge any money during the application process. Once you have accessed our website, you can make the loan request without paying a cent. We put everything open for the client to review and make a sound decision. There are no hidden fees and catches. Contact us today for more information.



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