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You might wonder if it’s better to use a broker than a direct lender to apply for a title loan. Direct lender and brokers may both be able to help you obtain a car title loans. There are two different ways to go about it.

A broker can connect you with other lenders to make loan offers to the borrower. Direct lenders can offer loans of their own. Direct lenders may not work with borrowers to create a loan agreement that suits their financial needs better.

How do I obtain a title loan through a broker?

A broker can help a borrower get a title loan. A broker will collect the information of the borrower to connect them with a network lender. They have expertise in many areas. Lenders may be able to lend on motorcycles, older vehicles, and high-value loans. Lenders who are interested in brokering loans will send them a proposal.

 Borrowers will be provided with loan proposals. Borrowers have the option to choose the loan they want or leave. If the borrower signs a loan agreement, the broker will be removed. The borrower may continue to communicate with his lender as a regular loan officer.

This may seem like a better alternative to a direct lender. If you submit one application, multiple lenders may offer loans to your situation. For loan quotes, you won’t need to contact more than one lender. 

A broker can help identify the most qualified lenders and offer the best terms. Even though many lenders are competing for your attention, you might not be able to get the best title loan deal than direct lenders.

Some of the many benefits of title loans with a lender directly

AFCA is a direct lender that offers many benefits over brokers when it involves title loans.

  • Flexibility 

Brokers can contact multiple lenders, but they must adhere to the lender’s guidelines. Some lenders might not allow exceptions for borrowers in exceptional circumstances. When you approach a lender, the person who will help you decide whether you are approved for a loan. They may be able to help you find the right loan title for your needs.

  • Less expensive fees

You will pay more if there are many people involved in the title loans process. Each person must earn money. The broker might pass on the commission to the borrower. Direct lenders can help lower the cost of a loan.

  • Rarely not paid on commission

A direct lender manages the loan. They don’t receive commissions, but they make their money from the loan. Most brokers are paid a commission. There may be a higher commission for some loans than others. Brokers may recommend to borrowers products with a higher payout even if they are not the right product.

  • Borrowers’ personal information is kept private

Brokers may help borrowers get a better deal from as many lenders as possible. They should also share your contact information. Brokers may only work with lenders that protect borrower information. Others do not. 

These lenders might sell borrower information to decision-makers advertisers or contact them for future title loans. Direct lenders might not want competitors to their business. Direct lenders may be incentivized not to disclose borrowers’ information.

  • Loan processing times may be faster 

Brokers will need to send information and wait for replies from different lenders. The representative of a direct lender will affect approval. To reduce wait times, a representative of a lender can contact decision makers directly. Information can quickly be transferred between companies without waiting and can then be verified.

  • This company will guide the borrower through the loan application

The broker then transfers the borrower onto a lender. This could mean that the broker is not knowledgeable about the entire loan process or product and can’t answer any questions. 

The borrower might need to restart their search for a lender if the broker has misunderstood a loan detail. Direct lenders agents will be familiar with the loan products. They will be available to answer all questions that the borrower may have during the loan process, starting with the initial loan application and ending with the final repayment.

Lenders to secure auto title loans

Auto title loan lenders should provide a privacy notice with a good reputation for protecting personal data. This privacy notice will inform you of the personal information they may have about you while you apply for an auto title loan.

It should explain the security measures auto title loan lenders use to protect personal data and the circumstances in which they might share it with other companies.

You must include former and current customers in your privacy policies to be considered by secured auto loan lenders.

Why do they collect personal information?

Lenders of the secured auto titles must be open about how they use personal information from potential borrowers. They must disclose all aspects of their use, including the intentions.

Secured auto loan lenders must disclose the following information about the personal data they use, even though the scope might differ.

  • Information about an individual that can be confirmed
  • Services and products for financial services that are based on personal information
  • This information is used to evaluate financial service and product requests.

Secured auto title lenders should not provide these details.

Transparency in the Sharing of Personal Information

Lenders and borrowers can trust each other with personal information. Lenders of secured auto title loans should be open about what information they might share.

  • Your data may be shared with banks and mortgage bankers.
  • Don’t share your data with non-affiliated financial companies such as repossession and collection firms, statement processors, or lawyers.
  • An affiliate company that uses personal data for business purposes daily.
  • Non-affiliates may share personal information to jointly market potential borrowers.
  • Disclosure of personal information required by law regarding a borrower’s loan to creditors

Information about your rights to limit sharing (opt-out right)

These guidelines are intended for trusted title loan lenders. These guidelines explain how individuals can limit the sharing of personal information by auto loan lenders.

Lenders must inform consumers about the interest rates they charge. Somenonaffiliated lenders may charge interest rates that don’t apply to them to convince customers to sign up. Customers should be clear about all fees. Some lenders may charge extra fees or hidden fees.

We believe that borrowers shouldn’t be punished for being financially responsible. AFCA does not charge prepayment fees on any loan.

AFCA encourages discussion and encourages questions. AFCA does not accept nickel-and-dime customers or hidden fees. This is not what lenders would consider acceptable. We assist our customers in navigating the loan process and encourage everyone to ask questions.

Why are people resisting other lenders?

  • They can’t prove they can repay the loan

Lenders won’t allow borrowers to be in a position where they can’t repay loans. Lenders will not approve borrowers unless they can prove that they have enough income to repay the loan.

  • They don’t have a credit history. 

Lenders will need to look at credit history to determine if the applicant can repay the money they borrowed. Without a credit history, lenders won’t lend money to you.

  • They have poor credit histories

Lenders may be concerned if someone cannot repay a loan, has taken out loans in the past, or has filed for bankruptcy. They might assume the same thing and refuse to lend to them again.

  • They requested too many. 

Lenders might decline to approve loan requests that exceed their lending capacity. They want to ensure that the borrower can repay the loan.

Where can you find the best lender near you?

When searching for a lender close to your home, the first thing you should ask is, “What kind of loan do I require”? There are many financing options, so make sure you choose the right loan to suit your needs.

What are the different types of loans? There are two types: unsecured and secured loans. Unsecured loans do not require collateral to be secured. Unsecured loans are more complex than secured loans. Unsecured loans can have higher interest rates and payback terms than secured loans.

Working with a lender directly for a car title loan

A car title loan is an excellent option if you need financial assistance but are concerned about your credit score.

AFCA can help get you the money you need to get through difficult financial times. AFCA can provide many benefits. These are just a few:

  • Get your money as soon as possible.  AFCA’s car-title loans are known for their speed and efficiency. Many people who apply for AFCA car-title loans can get their funds within the next business day 3.
  • Customized payment plan After you have been approved for the AFCA car title loan, your title loan agent will design a payment plan tailored to your financial situation. It is easy to get a AFCA car title loan plan. The flexible terms, manageable rates, and simple management make it easy.
  • Qualified staff AFCA representatives are skilled, knowledgeable, and trained in vehicle title loans. Do not hesitate to ask your AFCA representative any questions.

Online Application

Online applications are available regardless of where you live. The online application process for funding is easy and accessible from any device. You may be able to get the money you need in hours. You only need:

Send an email inquiry

It takes just five minutes to submit an online inquiry. After you submit your form, a representative will get in touch.

Send your documents

Did you know that you can send documents to us by email or via text message? AFCA makes it easy to send documents. Send documents to AFCA by taking photos of your vehicle and documents.

Collect your money 

There are many ways to collect your money. Choose the one that is most convenient to you.



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