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We’ve assisted hundreds of clients by offering each one of them an title loans that is the best fit for their needs.

What makes us different from the rest of the world?

ACFA-Cashflow Service, Process , and Benefits:


COLLABORATION. ACFA-Cashflow has teamed with affiliates and 3 3rd third party lenders from across California to offer our customers the best auto title loan experience.

DOZENS OF LOCATIONS. We have numerous branches, which work through affiliates, or third 3rd third party lenders, to offer our customers from all over California an outstanding experience.

THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS. ACFA-Cashflow has provided an efficient title loan service to hundreds of customers. No which part of California we can help you.


BAD CREDIT IS NOT A PROBLEMOur loans are approved on your capacity to repay the loan. We believe in helping all people advance, regardless of credit! Take a look today!

NO PENALTIES FOR PREPAREMENT- No preparation fees, and there are no hidden costs. We do not believe in these! You can pay off your loan at any time that is most suitable for you. The first payment you make will be due 30 calendar days from the date you signed the contract, and then in monthly installments following that.

BEST CUSTOMER CARE – We have experienced title loan specialists standing to assist you today.


  1. APPLY TODAY – Speak in with our experienced agents to find out the amount you’re eligible for.
  2. PROVIDE A FEW DETAILS – Your application contains your vehicle’s make models, model, mileage, and credit profile. These are used to determine whether you are eligible.
  3. GET THE CASH YOU NEED – After you’ve been approved, visit the nearest ACFA-Cashflow store to collect your report. You can also enjoy your vehicle – Yes! You’ll be able to drive your car during the loan.


Phone Payment Pay by phone – Call our main office to debit or credit card payment via phone. Our representatives will help you with any queries you might have.

CASH PAYMENT – We have teamed up with MoneyGram to assist you in making cash payments quickly. Visit any MoneyGram agent in person by filling out the form and following the instructions below to create your cash payments.

Check/Money Order Payment – Mail your check or money paid to the primary office.

Helping You Move Forward

Being in financial difficulty is not an easy task. It doesn’t matter if you’re facing unexpected bills or experiencing an illness We’ve been there and we’ve seen the stress it can be.

This is the reason ACFA-Cashflow aims to aid families and individuals in the difficult times. Since its inception the company in 2007, we’ve assisted hundreds of clients by offering each one of them an installment loan that is the best fit for their needs.

Customers are the main priority, which is why we take a significant amount of time training each one of our team members. We’ve also opened many locations throughout California and developed a fast, simple,e and efficient procedure for every customer.

Bad Credit Auto Title Loans Credit

We believe that financial challenges are solvable with appropriate solutions. Our auto title loans are accessible to a wide range of clients, regardless of credit type, as they satisfy our credit requirements and demonstrate the ability to pay back the loan.

It doesn’t matter if have excellent credit and bad credit, you can still apply for the Car Title Loan. ACFA-Cashflow offers bad credit loans to applicants who have a bad credit score.

What are we able to offer?

  • No hidden fees
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • You are able to continue driving your vehicle
  • Credit score applicants with bad credit scoring applicants welcomed

We don’t believe in a one-type-solution-fits-all system, which is why when you call us, our representatives will be able to provide you with expert, fast advice that is tailored to your situation. Even if you’re a victim of bad credit, we may be able to help you with an bad credit loan, as you demonstrate that you are able to pay back the loan.

We make sure that our assistance doesn’t end once you are done with your cash. Our Customer Service representatives are one phone call at hand to help you with any issue you require regarding the loan, from paying a bill to answering all of your questions. If you are in need of an option for bad credit loans, your only stop will be at ACFA Cashflow!

Approved by the Auto Equity Loans

If you require money however your credit score is preventing you from being approved from your lender, you should consider an car equity loan is the ideal option for you. The secured loan depends on your capacity to pay back the loan and the equity in your vehicle that your car’s value is worth.

Other elements that the cost could include are:

  • The total mileage of the vehicle
  • The demand and popularity for the model has increased the demand and popularity of the
  • The state of the car’s interior
  • The model and make of the vehicle

If you’re approved with secured loan, you’ll be provided with a breakdown of the charges, interest and principal that you can anticipate with this secured loan.

Title Online Loans

It is now much more accessible than ever before to apply online for title loans. You can now get the procedure completed at the convenience at home and without the need to go to an actual title loan store close to where you live.

If you’re able to meet the prerequisites and possess the required collateral, you’ll be able to obtain the cash you need swiftly and easily by applying online for title loans.

A clear title for the vehicle, an internet connection, and ID proof are essential requirements for obtaining the title loan online without a shop visit.

How Collateral Loans can Help You

If you require a quick loan, and you are able to provide collateral to secure the loan and demonstrate the capacity to pay back these loans, then collateral loans may be the best option for you. They’re actually a form of personal loan. However, it’s essential to know that you’re required to offer some type of security when you take out collateral loans.

If it’s beautiful jewelry, a vehicle or property has been purchased, it should have a sufficient value that if in a position to not make the loan payments the lender can arrive, take the item as security and then offer it for sale. With the proceeds from selling the item, the loan company can pay off the collateral loans.

In order to apply for collateral loans to be eligible for collateral loans in California it is necessary to fill out an online application and mail it in. If you live close to an office in California offices for collateral loans You can go to.

What are Installment Loans?

Installment loans are among the most popular kinds of personal loans that people seek when they are making an essential buy or when they have to borrow funds to fund their future. One of the primary advantages in installment loans is the cash comes in one quick lump, and the borrower will need months, weeks,, or perhaps years in order to repay the entire amount to repay it.

When the entire amount has been repaid the borrower receives back the security item put up as collateral. Sometimes , it’s real estate or jewelry however, more often it’s the car that has been purchased. These loans are utilized to buy anything. However, since they typically have a long time to pay back, they’re the best choice for more expensive purchases than the typical purchase.

To apply, fill out an online application , or go to the nearest loan agency.

Personalized Service

We strive to provide a professional, personal service that is focused around you, the customer. This is our primary goal, and we promise that it will never change if a title loan seems like an excellent solution for your financial situation. Contact us today to find out how ACFA-Cashflow stands unlike other companies.


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