Did you realize that the purchase of credit will cost you more than you had planned? Have you found a more interesting buy back? It is possible to go back.


Withdrawal period for a consumer credit redemption

Withdrawal period for a consumer credit redemption

In the context of a purchase of consumer credit a period of 14 days, called withdrawal, is triggered from the signature. This withdrawal period allows the consumer who has signed a contract to return to his commitment without being penalized. During this period of reflection you can accept or refuse the offer of the bank but the funds will not be released until the end of the 14 days. This period starts from the day of acceptance of the prior offer of credit agreement. To cancel you must return the withdrawal slip obligatorily attached to the offer.


Time for reflection for a real estate loan

real estate loan

If it is a repurchase of credit including a repurchase of credit mortgage at least 60%, you will not be able to sign the loan offer that passed a period of 10 days following the reception of the contract. This is a reflection period.

The reflection period is intended to allow the consumer to study the offer well, compare it with others, ask for clarification … before committing.


In all cases

In all cases

When in doubt, you are not required to sign the loan offer proposed by the financial institution. You are free to sign or not your loan offer, without justifying yourself. You have nothing to pay for the study of your file and the lending agency will not be able to claim anything from you: neither fees nor claims.

The withdrawal of a credit surrender automatically entails the termination of credit-related services such as insurance. It is therefore important to verify that these services have been terminated by the lender. Deadlines are counted in calendar days: every day of the calendar count even Saturday, holidays … But if the deadline expires on a Saturday it is extended to the last hour of the next working day.

If funds have been made available before the end of the withdrawal period, the lender can ask you for money. In this case you have 30 days to pay him the amount corresponding to the capital made available and the interest calculated over the period of availability.

Before carrying out a credit consolidation, CredGo advisors systematically inform you about the terms of your financing contract and your withdrawal or reflection period.

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